Best Minecraft servers

Server: Minecraft Among Us server

Among Us and Minecraft are two of most loved games right now. Because Minecraft offers so many creative possibilities, and because Among Us has such a simple formula, it was only a matter time before the social deduction game made its way to Minecraft. There are Among Us Minecraft maps that you can play with your friends. However, if the game is not for you, RGA Minecraft’s Among Us Server allows you to play with others.

You can play the game “Among Us” with a boss health bar that shows your progress and a task list at the top. The tasks are performed as accurately as possible. For example, you will plot routes and clear out chests. A compass is also provided to help you locate your remaining tasks.

Server: Minecraft parkour server

Zero.Minr, a parkour server, is an example of Minecraft’s versatility. It is filled with many challenging maps. Crafting and killing are abandoned in favor of running and climbing intricate webs of towers and pathways. This trailer shows some of the most difficult routes. It spirals skyward and features jumps that will send many players to their death.

Although it can be frustrating at first, Minecraft parkour can be learned with practice and can turn into a great game experience. Zero.Minr is definitely one of the most popular free-running servers.

Server: Minecraft RPG server

PirateCraft is a server that celebrates the golden age in scurvy, theft, and sail. PirateCraft is one the most ambitious servers that we have ever played on. It even features a ship-to-ship combat system. It’s not as intuitive as other Minecraft ideas, but it works. You can build ships and sail across the oceans. Cannons can also be attached to the hull and used to shoot at enemy vessels.

A simple, but functional, economy is replicated on land. Players can also create their own Minecraft buildings in’safe zones’ to store and bunk treasures. You can build whatever you want in safe zones, and others won’t be able to take them down.

Piratecraft’s salty setting makes them one of the most popular Minecraft roleplay servers. There will be some grief if you roleplay a pirate. However, as long as the owner is not in a Safe Zone other players can seize their ship. Attackers can also destroy’soft’ blocks and make a nuisance until the owner surrenders or they walk away. Ships can also be taken if the owner isn’t on board. This could be your hidden treasure if you are looking for a PvP Minecraft server.

Server: Minecraft skyblock server

The Hypixel Minecraft server has a lot of great minigames like Cops and Crims and Duels and a Murder Mystery. SkyWars is a PvP version of the classic Minecraft skyblock server. The Hypixel Minecraft server is a fun place to share a laugh with your blocky friends.

Server for Minecraft faction

There are many Minecraft faction servers, but Desteria’s level and class system make it one the most popular Minecraft servers. Desteria draws inspiration from Runescape’s level 399 levelling system. Its depth makes it a great choice for RPG lovers. A rich variety of factions and four classes make Desteria a fascinating and varied PvP experience. Desteria, like any great RPG has a lot of amazing environments. So make sure to load those shaders before you enter.

Minecraft Middle earth
Server: Minecraft RPG server

Tolkien’s Middle-earth is a classic world that will undoubtedly be immortalised in textured block form. The filmic vision of Middle-earth by Peter Jackson is the basis for this as yet incomplete project. As long as you adhere to the rules, you can help build the world of men, women, and creatures of smaller stature.

Ranch n Craft offers line dancing, horse taming and farming. It is the perfect Minecraft server if you are looking to get away from the wild west-themed shootouts and saloon brawls, and instead focus on the simple things of rural life. It is perfect for those Minecrafters who are most comfortable in the saddle thanks to its many equestrian-based features.

You can claim land to start your own ranches, raise horses and grow crops. Ranch n Craft has a large community that is mostly non-ghosting and a team of moderators who are helpful.

Server: Minecraft RPG server

WesterosCraft, if Middle-earth was our original fantasy Minecraft server, then WesterosCraft would be our modern great. The vast WesterosCraft server features many iconic Game of Thrones landmarks, including the Wall and The Red Keep at King’s Landing. Many areas were built using TV show designs. This server is like taking a tour of HBO’s fantasy world. Kings Landing is particularly impressive.

It is still a work-in-progress like Minecraft Middle-earth. Work currently underway to the Lannister bastion at Casterly Rock. If you are able to identify your Winterfell from the Dreadfort, then you can help support the next house of death or tyranny.