New biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 is just around the corner. It will bring eight new biomes into the game. Mojang has announced that the Caves and Cliffs update will be their biggest yet. Players can’t wait for the latest patch because Mojang hasn’t added so many biomes in one go.

There are many types of biomes in Minecraft. These depend on natural factors such as temperature, land elevation, water content, and so forth. The new Minecraft 1.18 Cliffs and Caves update Part 2 will see the mountains and caves undergo a complete renovation with new world generation as well as new biomes.

This comprehensive list contains all the new biomes that will be added to Minecraft 1.18.

1) Grove

These biomes will be created on the slopes a snowy mountain and connected to a forest biome. They will also contain lots of trees on the mountain sides.

2) Meadow

These biomes will be found on small plateaus at the base of the mountains and include a variety of flowers, beehives and tall grass.

3) Snowy slopes

These biomes can also be generated on snowy mountain slopes, but they won’t have the same trees as the grove biome. These Minecraft 1.18 update biomes only have powder snow and snow.

4) Jagged peaks

These biomes will be formed at mountain peaks, with sharp and jagged peak. These biomes will be either stone or snow blocks.

5) Frozen peaks

Another biome will produce mountain peaks, but it has packed ice and snow blocks. The biome will also produce smoother mountain peaks.

6) Stony peaks

This biome is the last of three mountain peak biomes that Minecraft 1.18 updates has. It won’t have snow or ice. Stone blocks will make up the mountain peaks, while calcite blocks can also be generated here.

7) Dripstone caves

This biome is one of two new cave biomes that were added to Minecraft 1.18. It will have pointy dripstone and dripstone blocks. It is dangerous to navigate this area as the pointy dripstone could cause injury to players.

8) Beautiful caves

Another cave biome will be added to Minecraft 1.18. This biome will include beautiful glow berries and azalea shrubs as well as drip leaves, spore blooms, and moss block.


Master trader achievment guide in Minecraft

Completing achievements in Minecraft Bedrock is a great way for you to advance through the game.

All types of players can enjoy different challenges through achievements. Players can attempt harder achievements such as Caves & Cliffs or Adventuring Time.

Many Minecrafters choose to achieve all achievements after beating the Ender dragon. This article will show you how to obtain Master Trader, which earns 30 Gamerscore and a silver medal on PlayStation 4.

Master Trader is an exclusive enchantment that can only be found in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players will need to first find a villager in order to obtain this enchantment. To see these amazing mobs, visit a village if a villager isn’t already available.

If you haven’t read the achievement description yet, it is here: Trade for 1,000 Emeraudes. To achieve this achievement, players will need to trade with villagers for 1000 emeralds. This achievement is counted if villagers sell emeralds to players.

It can take time to trade with villagers and earn 1000 Emeralds. To trade emeralds quickly, players can create a trading room. Players won’t need to wait for a villager unlock their trade to build a trading room.

Trades that give 12-16 emeralds are usually locked. To earn the Master Trader achievement, players will need to trade at least 84 times the maximum amount.

This achievement can be achieved by focusing on the villager with whom you want to trade. While some villages offer trades at a bargain price, others may charge high prices. These are the trades that players can easily repeat to earn Emeralds.

These are only a few examples. There are many other trades that can be used to farm emeralds. Players will be awarded the Master Trader achievement after collecting 1000 Emeralds.


Differences betwen normal and hard Minecraft mode

Minecraft, like many other titles, also offers varying levels in difficulty so that players can play at their own pace. You can choose from four difficulty levels: Normal, Peaceful, Hard, and Easy.

The default difficulty setting is Easy. Peaceful is no longer playable by some players because there are no hostile mobs that spawn at this difficulty. Other game mechanics also stop working.

Minecraft’s most popular mode is Hard difficulty. It opens up many new features. This article will list some of the exclusive features only available in Hard difficulty.

Only Hard difficulty Minecraft has the Minecraft features

5) Mobs deal more damage

There are many dangers in Minecraft. Many monsters are always out to attack players. The difficulty level of the world will determine the strength of each mob. Players who are looking for high-level challenges will find it best to choose hard difficulty. All mobs inflict severe damage.

Mobs of Normal and Easy difficulty pose no threat and can be dealt with easily. However, mobs of Hard difficulty can be deadly.

4) Hunger bar can deplete completely

There are two bars for players: hunger and health. To recover health points, the hunger bar must be higher than 7. You cannot lose your health points if you are hungry in any difficulty other than Hard.

Hard difficulty players take damage as soon as the hunger bar drops below zero. They eventually die. This difficulty is the most important aspect of Minecraft’s survival.

3) Zombies can break doors

Are you thinking that zombies are too stupid and easy to kill? You can change Minecraft’s difficulty setting to Hard. This mode will allow zombies to enter wooden doors and attack players.

Zombies can also summon reinforcements. This results in zombies rushing through the door and destroying it.

2) Spiders can have status effects

In worlds with Hard difficulty, it is common to be attacked by invisible spiders. Status effects are available for spiders at this level.

These are the status effects:

Spiders also have stronger status effects than those in Normal or Easy difficulty.

1) Every time you cure zombie villagers

Villager trading is one the most well-known strategies in the game. To make dirt-cheap trades, players rely on zombifying and healing villagers. Every zombie villager in Hard difficulty has a 100% chance of being cured and can revert to normal villager status.


Best Minecraft plugins

Plugins can be used to modify and enhance Minecraft servers. Plugins provide different functions that enhance the player experience on Minecraft servers.

A plugin is an addon file that can be used to manage Minecraft servers or introduce new gameplay. To create a competitive atmosphere on a multiplayer server, ranking plugins and factions can be used. Plugins can be used on even small servers that have only a few players. There are plugins available for rank system, factions, server management, player and server administration, anti-cheats and many other areas.

It can be difficult to choose the right plugins, with so many options online. This article summarizes five essential plugins that are required for Minecraft servers.

Five must-have plugins to use with Minecraft servers

#5 – WorldEdit

WorldEdit is a popular plugin for Minecraft. WorldEdit is a powerful plugin that Minecraft builders use. This plugin has tons of useful commands and features.

WorldEdit allows players to copy, cut, and paste any Minecraft content. WorldEdit also allows you to fill large areas with blocks. Although WorldEdit’s long list of commands and features can seem overwhelming, this WorldEdit tutorial from GeminiTay shows you how to use it.

#4 – Vault

Virtually every server can run the Vault plugin. Vault is required to perform the functions of many other plugins. It is very easy to use and does not require any commands. This plugin makes sure that all active plugins work well together. After installation, this plugin doesn’t require any configuration.

#3 – WorldGuard

WorldGuard plugin is essential for large multiplayer servers. Servers without WorldGuard are susceptible to griefing bases and theft of items. This plugin is vital to protect valuable bases and resources from other players.

WorldEdit is required in order to run WorldGuard from a Minecraft server. Administrators can mark areas with WorldGuard that are restricted to them. This will prevent anyone from placing or breaking any blocks.

#2 – ClearLagg

A slow Minecraft server is not something anyone wants to be on. Server lag can be a major problem for server administrators. ClearLagg, a popular server optimization plugin, helps to reduce lag. ClearLagg reduces lag by removing any distracting entities and decreasing RAM/CPU use.

ClearLagg is easy to use. ClearLagg also offers many useful commands and features to optimize your server, such as limiting mobs and locating lag-causing chunks.

#1 – EssentialsX

EssentialsX is a popular plugin for Minecraft servers. The plugin offers over 130 commands and features. EssentialsX improves the server performance and player experience.


Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a great mod-making tool for gamers who have never heard of it.

It can be difficult to get it installed. We have a guide for you!

You can find more information on Minecraft at our guides on how you can tame a Fox in Minecraft and how to enable Ray-tracing. But for now, this is everything you need to know to get a Minecraft map that works.

What is Minecraft Forge?

Minecraft Forge is an open-source, free server. If you enjoy mods in Minecraft Forge you will want to install it!

It was specifically designed to make Minecraft: Java Edition compatible with mods created by the community.

How to add a Mod into Minecraft Forge

Forge can run mods but don’t expect to have loads of them when you start. There will be none. You need to search for them.

Visit to see a variety of Minecraft mods.

Save the file to your Forge folder on your Mac or PC. It will have been created during installation of Forge. Click the “Mods tab” on the main menu. Make sure the mod you selected is enabled. If it is, then you are done!

Enjoy Minecraft Forge now with all mods!