Best Minecraft plugins

01. 18. 2023

Best Minecraft plugins

Plugins can be used to modify and enhance Minecraft servers. Plugins provide different functions that enhance the player experience on Minecraft servers.

A plugin is an addon file that can be used to manage Minecraft servers or introduce new gameplay. To create a competitive atmosphere on a multiplayer server, ranking plugins and factions can be used. Plugins can be used on even small servers that have only a few players. There are plugins available for rank system, factions, server management, player and server administration, anti-cheats and many other areas.

It can be difficult to choose the right plugins, with so many options online. This article summarizes five essential plugins that are required for Minecraft servers.

Five must-have plugins to use with Minecraft servers

#5 – WorldEdit

WorldEdit is a popular plugin for Minecraft. WorldEdit is a powerful plugin that Minecraft builders use. This plugin has tons of useful commands and features.

WorldEdit allows players to copy, cut, and paste any Minecraft content. WorldEdit also allows you to fill large areas with blocks. Although WorldEdit's long list of commands and features can seem overwhelming, this WorldEdit tutorial from GeminiTay shows you how to use it.

#4 – Vault

Virtually every server can run the Vault plugin. Vault is required to perform the functions of many other plugins. It is very easy to use and does not require any commands. This plugin makes sure that all active plugins work well together. After installation, this plugin doesn't require any configuration.

#3 – WorldGuard

WorldGuard plugin is essential for large multiplayer servers. Servers without WorldGuard are susceptible to griefing bases and theft of items. This plugin is vital to protect valuable bases and resources from other players.

WorldEdit is required in order to run WorldGuard from a Minecraft server. Administrators can mark areas with WorldGuard that are restricted to them. This will prevent anyone from placing or breaking any blocks.

#2 – ClearLagg

A slow Minecraft server is not something anyone wants to be on. Server lag can be a major problem for server administrators. ClearLagg, a popular server optimization plugin, helps to reduce lag. ClearLagg reduces lag by removing any distracting entities and decreasing RAM/CPU use.

ClearLagg is easy to use. ClearLagg also offers many useful commands and features to optimize your server, such as limiting mobs and locating lag-causing chunks.

#1 – EssentialsX

EssentialsX is a popular plugin for Minecraft servers. The plugin offers over 130 commands and features. EssentialsX improves the server performance and player experience.