Differences betwen normal and hard Minecraft mode

01. 07. 2023

Differences betwen normal and hard Minecraft mode

Minecraft, like many other titles, also offers varying levels in difficulty so that players can play at their own pace. You can choose from four difficulty levels: Normal, Peaceful, Hard, and Easy.

The default difficulty setting is Easy. Peaceful is no longer playable by some players because there are no hostile mobs that spawn at this difficulty. Other game mechanics also stop working.

Minecraft's most popular mode is Hard difficulty. It opens up many new features. This article will list some of the exclusive features only available in Hard difficulty.

Only Hard difficulty Minecraft has the Minecraft features

5) Mobs deal more damage

There are many dangers in Minecraft. Many monsters are always out to attack players. The difficulty level of the world will determine the strength of each mob. Players who are looking for high-level challenges will find it best to choose hard difficulty. All mobs inflict severe damage.

Mobs of Normal and Easy difficulty pose no threat and can be dealt with easily. However, mobs of Hard difficulty can be deadly.

4) Hunger bar can deplete completely

There are two bars for players: hunger and health. To recover health points, the hunger bar must be higher than 7. You cannot lose your health points if you are hungry in any difficulty other than Hard.

Hard difficulty players take damage as soon as the hunger bar drops below zero. They eventually die. This difficulty is the most important aspect of Minecraft's survival.

3) Zombies can break doors

Are you thinking that zombies are too stupid and easy to kill? You can change Minecraft's difficulty setting to Hard. This mode will allow zombies to enter wooden doors and attack players.

Zombies can also summon reinforcements. This results in zombies rushing through the door and destroying it.

2) Spiders can have status effects

In worlds with Hard difficulty, it is common to be attacked by invisible spiders. Status effects are available for spiders at this level.

These are the status effects:

Spiders also have stronger status effects than those in Normal or Easy difficulty.

1) Every time you cure zombie villagers

Villager trading is one the most well-known strategies in the game. To make dirt-cheap trades, players rely on zombifying and healing villagers. Every zombie villager in Hard difficulty has a 100% chance of being cured and can revert to normal villager status.