Easy start seeds for Minecraft

12. 29. 2022

Easy start seeds for Minecraft

Minecraft is well-known for its large and sprawling worlds. A “seed” is a world that has a randomly assigned number. These seeds can be spread infinitely and are home to many creatures and structures. Every new world is unique and offers new possibilities for exploration and adventure.

Some players may want to choose the world in which they wish to spawn and what resources and structures are available to them. This article will provide a quick overview of five Minecraft seeds.

1) Village and Ocean Monument (Seed: -7514153713361368247)

The player is spawned in a field near a village by this seed. There are many resources and trees in the area, including an underground geode that is located within one of the spawn chunks. A swamp biome is nearby and has exposed surface geodes. The players can create a Nether portal at coordinates (-40-60) and spawn close to a Nether Fortress. A Soul Sand valley nearby contains a treasure-filled Bastion.

2) Village, Flower Forest, Ruined Portal (Seed 655836020112798740909)

When you spawn in this seed, the first thing you see is a beautiful lake. A Ruined Portal, a Ruined Portal and a village are also available near the spawn. Players will not have to worry as there are plenty of sheep and trees around the village. You will find flint, steel, and some enchanted tools in the ruined portal chest.

3) Pillager outpost (Seed: -285152926)

This seed will allow players to spawn directly beside the Pillager Outpost. They will find a desert village if they move forward past the outpost. To the other direction, players will find a ruin portal and two villages in the savanna. Players will find a large mine shaft between the two.

Seed Credit: 90 Seconds IQ Boosters

4) Village with loot, and a Jungle Biome. (Seed: 1456770887)

The player will be able to spawn this seed right next to a village or a jungle biome. This seed is used to collect loot from various chests scattered around the village. A chest is located in the house near the spawn area. It contains iron ingots as well as two pickaxes. Other loot includes potions, food, weapons, and emeralds.

5) Village, Ruined Port and Desert Temple (Seed 4679758612126350684)

This is the most lucrative seed on this list. This seed spawns players in Plains biome. It is located close to a ruined gateway, a village and three lava pools.

Two enchanted golden apples are included in the desert temple chests, as well as an enchanted Book with Fire Aspect 2. The player will receive two iron ingots, flint, and steel from the ruined portal chest. Near the desert pyramid is a zombie spawner.