Survival Games servers

11. 03. 2022

Survival Games servers

Ever since the rise in popularity of Minecraft servers as a whole, survival games has long remained one of the most popular game modes among players.

Servers for survival games allow players to play against one another on a large map with food, weapons, armor, etc. Most often, one survivor will be left, and that person will be crowned champion at the end.

Each survival game server is different, as each one has its own unique mechanics, maps and quirks. This list will highlight the best survival games servers that are publicly available for players to join.


MoxMC is the first server on this list. This Minecraft server hosts a lot of survival games events. Although survival games are not available 24/7, they can host over 100 players when they do. This allows for some truly unique gameplay that is unmatched anywhere else.

MoxMC also offers other popular game modes, including prison, parkour and kit-PVP. In the past, prominent YouTubers such as Grayson “Purpled,” Zak “Skeppy”, and Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg have joined and played on the server.


Average playercount: 1200-1600


MC-Central was a classic Minecraft server that was established in 2013. Survival games are one of the most loved games on the network. This game mode in MC-Central is unique. You can unlock special kits and level up by playing survival games matches.

This mechanic can put some players ahead of others, making it harder for new players. However, it gives them a long-term goal. This makes winning matches much more rewarding and exciting.


Average playercount: 1000-1300


Mineplex was once one of the most popular servers in Minecraft. It had tens to thousands of players daily in its prime. The server is now a solid, refined experience that offers a variety of custom mini-games.

Survival games are one of these mini-games, and they remain very popular. One of the best things about survival games at Mineplex is their large size, which can accommodate up to 24 players in one game.

The experience is pretty standard. However, casual players looking for a quick game will not find it to be a problem.


Average playercount: 1200-1500

CubeCraft Games

CubeCraft, another name well-known in the Minecraft multiplayer scene boasts millions of unique joins during its nine-year existence.

CubeCraft's survival games are unique and innovative. They incorporate a variety of exclusive features. These features include loot voting and custom items as well as team duo games.


Average playercount: 1400-1700


Most players will not need to know much about the final server on this list. Hypixel is a massive Minecraft server with nearly 200,000 players at peak times. It is the most popular Minecraft server ever.

Hypixel's new take on survival games is Blitz Survival Games. Players can choose their own survival kits and spawn with them in this game.

Blitz Survival Games has many gameplay options, including the powerful BlitzStar, which is designed to change the game's direction in favor of the player who finds it.

Blitz Survival Games servers are known for being one of the first games to be created on Hypixel. This is a fact that has contributed greatly to servers' early success. This classic survival game mode has been improved and updated over the years to provide a satisfying experience for anyone seeking fun survival games.


Average playercount: 1400-170